Our History

Our History

Aug. 24, 1947: Daisaku Ikeda Takes Faith

Commemorating 70 years since President Ikeda met his mentor Josei Toda, and received Gohonzon.

Our History

Happy Birthday!

The World Tribune celebrates its 53rd anniversary this month.

Living Buddhism

One Young Man Takes Faith

SGI President Ikeda meets his mentor.


Imparting Buddhist Humanism

SGI-USA General Director Emeritus Fred Mitsuaki Zaitsu recalls participating in President Ikeda’s groundbreaking lecture series on The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings, which began 55 years ago this month.

Our History

The Historic July 12 Tokyo Rally

SGI President Ikeda’s essay recalling 40,000 members gathering for justice in 1957.

Our History

The Vow of July 17

SGI President Ikeda’s struggle for justice in Osaka in 1957.

Our History

A Gathering of Lions in Osaka

SGI President Ikeda’s shares his thoughts on the Osaka Rally in his diary entry.

Our History

Did You Know?

Anniversary of the SGI President Ikeda’s “5 Guidelines for the SGI-USA Youth Division.”