Our History

Our History

Night View From the Kanagawa Culture Center

The Kanagawa Culture Center, located in Yokohama, holds profound significance for the SGI.

Our History

Traveler for Peace

The significance of Oct 2nd -- World Peace Day.


The History of the Atsuhara Persecution

An essay from SGI President Ikeda’s “Thoughts on The New Human Revolution” series.

Our History

What happened on September 8, 1957?

Celebrating 60 years since 50,000 Soka Gakkai youth gathered at Yokohama’s Mitsuzawa Stadium for the “Festival of Youth.”

Our History

Aug. 24, 1947: Daisaku Ikeda Takes Faith

Commemorating 70 years since President Ikeda met his mentor Josei Toda, and received Gohonzon.

Our History

Happy Birthday!

The World Tribune celebrates its 53rd anniversary this month.

Living Buddhism

One Young Man Takes Faith

SGI President Ikeda meets his mentor.