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Battle Cowardice, Conquer Arrogance!

The following essay from Ikeda Sensei was originally published in the “Thoughts on The New Human Revolution” series.

Those With Lionhearted Faith Fear Nothing!
Abutsu-bo and the Lay Nun Sennichi: Part 2 of 2

Building a Bright Future Based on Our Vow—Exploring the Lives of Nichiren Daishonin’s Disciples

Progress Vibrantly in Your Human Revolution!

Message From Ikeda Sensei and Kaneko Ikeda

Learning That I Have Unlimited Potential

Buddhism has taught me that nothing can hold me back.

The Ninth Consciousness

July 2021 Discussion Meeting Topic

New Episode Out Now!

Buddhability Podcast

‘Where My Skills End, My Faith Begins’

Netflix releases biopic of SGI-Italy member Roberto Baggio’s rise as one of the world’s greatest soccer players.

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Changing Our Deepest Karma

Concept #3: The Nine Consciousnesses

‘Let Your Life With Others Create the World’

Rev. Lawson’s Keynote Address