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4 Mottoes for Good Health

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The following points were adapted from Ikeda’s Sensei’s essay “Be Healthy in Body and Mind,” originally published in the Oct. 12, 2012, World Tribune, pp. 5 and 8.

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1) Do An Invigorating Gongyo
Morning and evening gongyo create the victorious rhythm for living each day in harmony with the fundamental Law of the universe.

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2) Lead a Balanced and Productive Lifestyle
We practice Nichiren Daishonin’s teachings so that we can wisely continue to create value. We need to exercise practical wisdom to effectively boost our vitality and stamina based on a reasonable and sustainable way of doing things.

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3) Contribute to the Welfare of Others
True health shines in the lives of those who devote themselves to creating positive value for the happiness of others, the welfare of society and a better, brighter future for the world.

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4) Eat Wisely
Food is life. Eating wisely to sustain our life and maintaining our physical and mental well-being is also an important part of our Buddhist practice.

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