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On the New Focus for District Study Meetings

Members of Lithonia District engage in joyful discussion in Lithonia, Ga., March 2019
Members of Lithonia District engage in joyful discussion in Lithonia, Ga., March 2019. Photo by Anthony Wallen

Starting this month, our monthly SGI-USA district study meetings will focus on new material. Here’s what you need to know.

Q. What will we be studying?
A. We will study excerpts from the revised edition of The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace series.

Q. What is the series about?
A. The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace consists of excerpts selected from Ikeda Sensei’s collected works—his lectures, dialogues, encouragement and poetry spanning more than 50 years—which reflect his insights based on the philosophy and practice of Nichiren Buddhism.

Q. Where can I find the material?
A. You can find it monthly in Living Buddhism, starting from the March issue. The study material will contain two excerpts plus discussion questions.

Q. Why are we switching our study material?
A. The Soka Gakkai designated this series as suggested study material for members around the world. Pick a spot on the globe! We’ll all be deepening our faith together as one global Soka family. Isn’t that inspiring?

Q. Where can I find the revised series?
A. A revised version of part 1 in English will be available for purchase this spring at In the meantime, you can access part 1 on the new Soka Gakkai global website, On the homepage, go to “Resources,” “Study Materials,” “Buddhist Study” and “The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace.” Again, the specific district study material will be printed in Living Buddhism.

Q. Is the series available in other languages?
A. Yes, part 1 is available in Chinese and Spanish on In the right-hand corner of the home-page, select the globe icon to find a drop-down menu of languages. Select your language and then follow the aforementioned instructions to find the material.

Q. How is the revised version different?
A. It contains additional material, and the chapters have been reordered.

Q. Is there a suggested framework for using this material at the district study meeting?
A. Yes. Please…
1. Select one of the excerpts given.
2. Read the excerpt during the meeting.
3. Use the questions provided to guide your discussion.

Q. Anything else I should know?
A. Yes, one more thing: Sensei wrote a preface to the revised edition, which will be included in the April Living Buddhism. Please read it!

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