"World-Class Musicians Rock Out to Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon."

Performers share what the 50K Lions of Justice Festival meant to them.


Herbie Hancock
Grammy Award-Winning Jazz Musician

These are very difficult times across the board, and young people are impacted by a sense of insecurity about their own importance as human beings. Everybody has infinite potential. Everybody exists because they have something to bring to the world that no other human being can bring, or else what would be the purpose of life? With that in mind, everybody is important.

What’s been missing in the dialogue is the idea of respect for all human beings. That’s what this 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival is all about. It will be young people formulating the path for the future, taking action and showing that it’s important to emphasize and encourage hope in all human beings. The future is in their hands. This is a call for action.


Esperanza Spalding
Grammy Award-Winning Composer, Bassist, Vocalist and Educator

I am so grateful to have shared the experience of 50K with so many brilliant, daring and committed allies in the mission of creating a healthier, happier community of all persons residing on planet Earth! I encourage all of us youth to remain alert to all the ways that our coming together for 50K can impact the progress of peace and respect throughout the world—as well as all the ways it does not yet—and continue to apply our Buddhist practice accordingly!

Frescia Belmar
Chilean-Born Bassist and Composter

Being part of such a crucial event for the sake of our society and planet, and performing for 50,000 lions united for the noble cause of world peace was the most magical and powerful experience ever! At the festival, I realized how big of a precious, beautiful family we are. We walk together, hand in hand, pushing each other to move forward to become happier selves, transforming this place into a better world.

Daniel Rotem
Israeli-Born Tenor Saxophonist and Composer

Performing at the 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival was remarkable. It’s such a beautiful thing to see this kind of gathering take place, and it’s more relevant than ever. Seeing many young people uniting for an important cause was very inspiring and uplifting, and it felt genuine.

Equality should be the norm in society; we all have infinite potential to uplift ourselves and each other. Not to mention it was a dream come true to share the stage with Herbie again and share the beauty of jazz with all these young people.