South Korea Honors SGI President

Around the SGI

National Park in winter, South Korea. Photo by tawatchaiprakobkit.

On Jan. 27, Sokcho City in Gangwon-do province of South Korea recognized SGI President Ikeda’s contributions to the promotion of friendship between Japan and South Korea. Sokcho Mayor Lee Byung-sun issued a special recognition tablet to President Ikeda during a conferral ceremony at the SGI South Korea Sokcho Peace Culture Center. Some 400 SGI-South Korean members attended the event.

“I’m very honored to confer this special recognition on President Ikeda, who is contributing to the prosperity of humankind,” Mayor Lee said. “Our city would also like to learn the humanistic philosophy of the SGI president and do its utmost for the happiness of our citizens.”

In other news, two SGI-South Korean youth—Her Hye Eun and Shin Kyung Min—served as torchbearers of the Olympic flame, which traveled from Greece to the Pyeong-chang Winter Games. Ms. Her is a physical education instructor at a girls middle school, while Mr. Shin received top sales staff honors for his job at Coca-Cola Korea.

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