A Brilliant Achievement for Guam

Plans revealed for a new SGI-USA center and mentor-disciple museum in Guam.

The SGI-USA has purchased a plot of land adjacent to the International Trade Center (building pictured in the back), which is the site of the founding of the SGI on Jan. 26, 1975, in Tamuning, Guam. Plans are underway to build a new SGI-USA center and a mentor-disciple museum. The SGI Peace Lane was unveiled in January 2015 to commemorate the SGI’s 40th anniversary.

To the wonderful members of Guam,

Congratulations on your launch into this very meaningful new Year of Brilliant Achievement with our Sensei, SGI President Ikeda!

On behalf of the SGI-USA, I am truly delighted to share some exciting news with you.

You all are aware more than anyone of the profound mission for world peace that the beautiful island of Guam possesses.

President Ikeda shared his thoughts about this mission with representative members from Guam in 1974, as follows:

“[He] had thought that the beginning of the following year, 1975—which would mark the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the Soka Gakkai—would be the ideal time to found [the Soka Gakkai International]. Now, with a pledge in his heart to realize world peace, he had the idea that Guam, which had been the site of bitter bloodshed in the last world war, would be the perfect place to do so.

“He said to the Guam representatives: ‘Guam has a history of terrible suffering caused by war. I therefore hope that all of you will unite your efforts in making this island into a paradise of peace and happiness’ ”(The New Human Revolution, vol. 19, p. 238).

In other words, it’s precisely because the noble people of Guam were made to suffer so much during World War II that Sensei chose Guam as the ideal location to found the SGI.

From the most challenging situations spring the greatest opportunities for happiness and human revolution. Or, as President Ikeda puts it, “Those who have wept the most bitterly have the right to become the happiest people of all” (The New Human Revolution, vol. 1, p. 188).

The mission of our SGI organization is to work heart and soul for the sake of ordinary people, creating peace where only war existed, and joy where there was only sadness.

To eternalize this spirit—and to ensure that Guam will always have a place in the hearts of people around the world as the launching point for our worldwide kosen-rufu movement—I am delighted to announce that the SGI-USA, cooperating closely with the global SGI organization, has purchased a plot of land directly adjacent to the International Trade Center, where the SGI was founded 43 years ago.

On this land, situated at one end of the SGI Peace Lane and across Marine Corps Drive from the park where the Daisaku and Kaneko Ikeda Peace Pavilion and Peace Monument are, we will over the next few years be constructing a new, permanent SGI Buddhist Center for the use of you, the members of Guam.

And in the same building, we will create a museum dedicated to the history of the SGI and the spirit of mentor and disciple that is the vital essence of our organization, open to members and friends of the SGI from Guam and around the world.

Congratulations to the SGI members of Guam!

With a spirit of appreciation to Sensei, who made this all possible, and in keeping with the Soka tradition that the true bastions of kosen-rufu are created from capable people, I hope that you, the precious members of Guam and the entire Marianas Region, will unite and create a great, new wave of propagation, bringing forth from your land many, many new members who will cherish and expand our movement throughout your island, throughout the Marianas and throughout the world.

Congratulations, once again!


Adin Strauss

SGI-USA General Director