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5 Quotes on Good Triumphing Over Evil

From SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

1. Buddhism teaches that both good and evil are potentials that exist in all people. Compassion consists in the sustained and courageous effort to seek out the good in any person, whoever they may be, however they may behave. It means striving, through sustained engagement, to cultivate the positive qualities in oneself and in others. (January 2017 Living Buddhism, p. 61)


2. “Goodness” can be defined as that which moves us in the direction of harmonious coexistence, empathy and solidarity with others. The nature of evil, on the other hand, is to divide: people from people, humanity from the rest of nature. (

3. Violence is an absolute evil. No matter how correct what you say is, if you resort to violence to prove it, you are a loser. Even if you appear to triumph as a result of violent action, you will end up losing. (Victorious Teen, p. 134)

4. Both good and evil exist in the world. If the people tolerate evil, good will languish and decline. Evil always tries to conceal its true nature. But if we exercise keen powers of discernment, relentlessly pursue and attack evil, and lose no time in confronting it with one question after another, its false skin—its veneer of goodness and justice—will crack and fall away. (Victorious Teen, p. 145)

5. In the fight between justice and evil, taking a neutral stance and being indifferent is the same as siding with evil. (