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The World Is My Home

Young woman breaks the record for most countries traveled to.

Bhutan. Photos courtesy of Cassie De Pecol / Expedition 196.

As a young woman, Cassie De Pecol, 27, always dreamed of traveling to as many countries as possible and making the world a better place. Armed with this vision, she recently broke the world record for becoming the fastest person to travel to all 196 sovereign countries—in 18 months and 26 days (July 24, 2015–Feb. 2, 2017).

The world traveler from Washington, Conn., who studied environmental studies in college, embarked on Expedition 196 to promote sustainable tourism as an ambassador for the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism.

“I feel as though I am one with the people, communities and environments that I interact with,” Ms. De Pecol said, of her experiences documented on her website, “I don’t feel any different than them, any more privileged. I’m choosing to call the world my home, and that means; to be accepting of other cultures and to see their view on things.”

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