Raising Peacemakers of the 21st Century

100 young women gather to renew their vow.

Protagonists for peace—Young women in West Territory gather to launch their 100 corps, expanding the ranks of successors for kosen-rufu, La Puente, Calif., Sept. 10. Photo: Ken O'Ferrell

by Takako Mino

It was a sight to behold. Nearly 100 young women from throughout Southern California and Las Vegas gathered on Sept. 10 at La Puente Buddhist Center, in La Puente, California, to launch the 100 Kayo-kai corps, a training group for young women to become courageous leaders of the 21st century who can move our world toward peace. This corps was inspired by SGI President Ikeda’s essay Expanding the Ranks of our Youth (see July 2016 Living Buddhism), where Sensei describes his determination to foster 1,000 capable youth, starting from a corps of 10. Why? Because he wanted to respond to second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda’s lifetime goal of lighting the torch of happiness for 750,000 families by introducing them to Nichiren Buddhism.

President Ikeda was able to develop a corps of 1,000 youth within a year, and these youth played an indispensable role in accomplishing President Toda’s dream.

“From this group, many revolutionary leaders of the Mystic Law are certain to appear.”

During our Kayo-kai corps kickoff, SGI-USA Young Women’s Leader Olivia Saito shared that President Ikeda is encouraging all young women to base themselves on prayer and study, as they strive alongside their mentor to eternalize the kosen-rufu movement toward Nov. 18, 2018, the five-year anniversary of the opening of the Hall of the Great Vow for Kosen-rufu.

Responding to Sensei’s call, the Kayo-kai corps of 100 young women will focus on raising their own 10 corps, and in April 2017, they will gather as a corps of 1,000 as the next launching point toward Nov. 18, 2018. Toward then, every 100 corps member is determined to live her bodhisattva vow by personally helping a friend start practicing Buddhism and by studying the 30 writings from Nichiren Daishonin that President Ikeda recommended for young women (see Feb. 3, 2012, World Tribune, p. 7).

When Sensei’s 100 corps group gathered together, he wrote: “From this group, many revolutionary leaders of the Mystic Law are certain to appear” (July 2016 Living Buddhism, p. 16). In this same spirit, the young women vow to develop 1,000 protagonists for peace!


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