Congratulations, Boston Gajokai!

Celebrating 50 Days of consecutive shifts filled.

Photo: Deepanjan Das.

Entrance. Photo: Margaret Cain.
Entrance to the SGI-USA Boston Buddhist Center. Photos: Margaret Cain.

In February 1971, the Gajokai was established to train youthful champions of Soka to protect the Soka Gakkai Headquarters as well as community and culture centers around Japan.

Starting with this issue, the World Tribune will feature SGI-USA Buddhist centers where Gajokai shifts have been fulfilled for 30 or more consecutive days. The Boston Gajokai celebrated 50 days as of June 29.

Gohonzon Room. Photo: Margaret Cain.
A view of their Gohonzon Room.

SGI-USA Young Men’s Leader Michael O’Malley said that striving each night to protect the precious members and Buddhist centers—the gathering places where members advance kosen-rufu—is a direct way for young men to do their human revolution and learn the spirit to take full responsibility for kosen-rufu.

SGI President Ikeda writes in the “Vigilant Safeguarding” chapter of The New Human Revolution: “Youth have a mission to take the initiative to protect others. Without learning such lessons, egotism prevails and society is corrupted from its foundations. Training young people to serve society and the people is one of the major roles of the Soka Gakkai” (vol. 24, p. 101). Said Mr. O’Malley: “In response to our mentor, we determine to expand the ranks of capable young men and build a model organization!”
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