Celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Women’s Division

Message from Akemi Bailey-Haynie, SGI-USA Women’s Leader

Sisters in faith— Women deepen their friendships during the SGI-USA Women's #1 Conference, Weston, Fla., Feb. 28. Photo by Roxy Azuaje.

To the precious women’s division members of the SGI-USA,

AkemiBaileyHaynie_2015Congratulations on celebrating the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the women’s division (founded on June 10, 1951), together with SGI President Ikeda! I am so deeply encouraged by your tireless efforts, sincerity and exuberant enthusiasm in doing your utmost to create harmonious families. Thank you for everything you do!

To commemorate our division’s establishment, I’d like to encourage you to create opportunities for the women to gather and build bonds of camaraderie, engage in meaningful dialogue and share Soka Gakkai Nichiren Buddhism with others, which represents the highest form of respect you can show to another human being.

We ask that these gatherings/meetings be held at whatever level best lends itself to joyful, heart-to-heart dialogue. This meeting does not replace either the district discussion meeting or study meeting.

Also, since this is Future Division Month, let’s do our utmost to support our precious future division members by ensuring they take an active role in the district discussion meeting.

Sensei is looking forward to our steady growth, development and happiness, as we continue to fulfill our respective missions as mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, wives and friends. Please feel free to utilize any of the following messages from President Ikeda as the basis of your women’s discussions and gatherings:

1. “A Triumphant Song of Happiness for the 65th Anniversary of the Women’s Division” (July 2016 Living Buddhism, pp. 6–7)

2. Message to the First SGI Women’s Peace Conference (Jan. 30, 2015, World Tribune, pp. 4–5)

3. Message to the Second SGI Women’s Peace Conference (Dec. 18, 2015, World Tribune, pp. 2–3)

Sensei offers us three guidelines in his message to the First SGI Women’s Peace Conference: 1) to perform a golden dance of happiness and victory with a whirlwind of daimoku; 2) to steadily and enjoyably sow the seeds for gaining good fortune and fostering capable individuals; and 3) to succeed in building a peaceful world through a united network of women.

Always with a smile on our faces, let us be the sun that illuminates everything we touch, and take the initiative to transform every aspect of our lives, exerting ourselves like never before to expand our prayer, our state of life and our courage.

Eternally your sister in faith,

Akemi Bailey-Haynie
SGI-USA Women’s Leader