Human Revolution


A Religion of Human Revolution

SGI President Ikeda’s Lecture Series.


“Fighting Daimoku” Is the Key to Victory

Gustavo Shimabuco breaks through all barriers in his family, education and career based on a mind of faith.


Nothing Can Hold Me Back

Lillian Ortiz stands up in her family to transform a great loss into an even greater benefit.


Becoming the Sun of My Family

Jenny Ye discovers how developing compassion for her father is the key to bringing her family together.


Finding My Place in the World

Joshua Thomas embraces his inherent self-worth as a minority LGBT youth and, most important, as a Bodhisattva of the Earth.


Healing My Family Rifts

Melvin Harris rebuilds his relationship with his son and fosters “lions of justice” in rural Texas.


The Darker the Night, the Nearer the Dawn

Joe Perretti changes the destiny of the men in his family.


Regaining My Humanity

Everado Alcauter, of Chicago, breaks free of a life of gangs and drugs to create change in the world around him.