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Why Is Buddhist Study Important?

Photo by Unseen Studio / Unsplash.

“First, Buddhist study helps us deepen our faith. … Buddhist study is a beacon illuminating the path of faith. Even the complex workings of negative forces that arise to assail us are clearly revealed for what they are in the bright mirror of the Buddhist teachings.” (pp. 281–82)

“Second, Buddhist study serves as a driving force for kosen-rufu. … [Nichiren Daishonin’s writings] fully describe the attitude in faith essential to realizing kosen-rufu, as well as the way to conduct oneself as a Buddhist leader and the key elements in fostering capable individuals.” (p. 283)

“Third, Buddhist study lays the foundation for establishing a new humanism. … Only by grounding ourselves in such Buddhist principles as respect and compassion for life, the oneness of body and mind, and the oneness of living beings and their environment can we open the way to a new humanism.” (pp. 283–84)

April 5, 2024, World Tribune, p. 11

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