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Member Resources Portal Updated

Photo by Howard Bouchevereau / Unsplash.

In April, the SGI-USA launched new leadership features in the Member Resources Portal for district through national leaders that will make it easier to see your organization’s status and where it’s headed. With the portal menu now separated into Personal and Organizational sections, leaders have access to features such as personalized intuitive dashboards and key statistics reports. Take a look at the major highlights.

With its launch, the Organizational portal includes three new features.

Find quick links to Leadership Appointments and Key Statistics Reports; notifications of new leadership appointments and memos; and snapshots of the Total New Members and Total Subscriptions for any level of the organization within your leadership responsibility.

Find key statistics; a list of your co-leaders and their contact information; and graphs including the Total Number of New Members, Attendance as % of District Size and Chapter Youth Leadership.

Here, the Statistics Overview offers a year-over-year snapshot of categories including Total Membership, Total Subscriptions and Discussion Meeting Attendance. A 4D Leadership List enables you to view all the leaders of a selected organization, while All-in-One Stats offer various measurements of growth by two-month periods. 

Not sure where to start? Try the Year-to-Date Executive Summary, with stats on key areas that make up a healthy district, including shakubuku, subscriptions, sutaining contributors, groups and group leaders and youth membership expansion.

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