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Buddhability Podcast Surpasses 1 Million Downloads

Tara Moore / Getty Images.

What does it take to be authentic? How do you make progress even when you can’t see eye to eye? How do small goals add up to big dreams?

These are some of the topics that the Buddhability podcast took on shortly after it debuted in October 2020.

Hosted by journalist and SGI-USA member Jihii Jolly, the podcast launched in tandem with the broader Buddhability ecosystem, which was designed to introduce the principles of Nichiren Buddhism and Soka humanism to American youth.

Now, just shy of its third birthday and more than 100 episodes in, the podcast has surpassed 1 million downloads, placing it in the top 1% of all U.S. podcasts by that metric.

“It’s moving when we hear listeners say that they started practicing Buddhism because a friend sent the podcast to them or they discovered it online,” said Michael O’Malley, director of social media for SGI-USA.

The weekly podcast has featured honest conversations with people from all walks of life, reflecting on their own Buddhability—what it looks like, how it feels and how the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism as practiced by the Soka Gakkai can be used to bring it out.

Ms. Jolly is concluding her time on Buddhability. A new format will be introduced in the fall, Mr. O’Malley said.

Buddhability has reached other significant milestones, including surpassing 47,000 email newsletter subscribers and 35,000 followers on Instagram. It can be found on social media channels @buddhability and at

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