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I’m Awakening to My Buddhahood

Photo by Kevin King Jr.

by Courtney Pogue
Little Rock, Ark.

My cousin, who has been practicing Buddhism for 14 years, introduced me to Nam-myoho-renge-kyo in 2019. Since the birth of my first son, Negus, I began experiencing health issues making it difficult for me to walk, so I started chanting with the desire to find a different way to cope. I also ended a very stressful relationship with my son’s father while pregnant with our second child.

In the following months, I began facing financial challenges and found out my midwife could not deliver the baby. In both cases, instead of crying and succumbing to anxiety, which was commonly how I coped with my challenges, I doubled up on chanting daimoku and won. My living expenses were taken care of, and I gave birth to my beautiful and healthy boy, Ohaji.

I have also seen a shift in my relationship with my son’s father. After learning more about human revolution, I realized that our relationship was my karma that I could transform. I approached the situation from a different perspective and chanted for a breakthrough. I started to see changes in my mindset and in how I responded to him. We can now enjoy sharing the same space without getting into unhealthy arguments and even have discussions about Buddhism. As a Buddha in her awakening phase, I am more conscious of the compassion I need to have for others.

I attribute all of these successes to my faith and determination to overcome each obstacle by chanting, participating in SGI meetings and studying the encouraging words of Ikeda Sensei. My faith in the Mystic Law has reshaped my view on life and how I respond to obstacles. As I chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, I continue to watch struggles with finances, relationships and health crumble within my hands.

I have made it my own personal campaign to chant not only for my own health condition to improve but to help others improve their health as well. I am determined to share with many people that Nichiren Buddhism facilitates a major transformation in one’s surroundings and an inward state of absolute happiness, because this is what I have experienced in my own life.

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