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Challenging Ourselves to Share Buddhism

New Orleans. Photo by Geneva Lewis

“It is not enough that I alone should accept and have faith in your words—we must see to it that others as well are warned of their errors.” (“On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land,”  The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 1, p. 26)


The dialogue in this work begins with the guest lamenting to the host about the disasters happening in the nation. By the end of their conversation, the guest makes the above determination.

Throughout, the host points out the rights and wrongs of various teachings. At one point, the guest becomes angry and tries to leave. But the host, smiling and unperturbed, patiently engages the guest and continues to clear his doubts one by one. Now wholeheartedly convinced, the guest admits his errors, abandons his harmful beliefs and determines to embrace the Lotus Sutra.

As the passage above indicates, the guest not only takes faith in the correct teaching himself but vows to teach it to others. Conviction leads to action. From just one person standing up with faith, ripples of happiness will spread.

When we really want to help others, it’s most important for us to believe in their Buddha nature. When we do, their Buddha nature will surely respond, even if they at first disagree with what we say. With such conviction, along with a determination to never give up, we can change the hearts of those around us.

Ikeda Sensei’s Guidance

The essence of Nichiren Daishonin and the spirit of the Soka Gakkai lie in working for the sake of all humanity. We are striving to establish the correct teaching for the peace of the land, which is ultimately the realization of world peace. And we are striving to bring people together through the peaceful means of dialogue. …

Today, the joyful dialogues of our members … throughout the world to establish the correct teaching for the peace of the land are creating and spreading boundless hope. Let’s continue to energetically and courageously engage in dialogue for the sake of our friends, the world and the future! (A Foundation for Your Life, pp. 14–15)

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