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4 Tips On Being Emcee

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These points were adapted from Ikeda Sensei’s guidance. Refer to The New Human Revolution, vol. 25, pp. 187–92 for more.

1) The emcee’s voice should be stirring, powerful and brimming with life force.

“Emcees must have the determination to bear full responsibility for the meeting and use their voices to transform the atmosphere into a place of joy in seeking the Law, a true Buddhist assembly.”

2) Prepare in advance, and don’t forget to rest.

“An emcee needs to enunciate, so that everyone can hear and understand what is said. Facial expressions are also important.”

3) Pay attention to timing during the meeting and respond quickly.

“There are times when you need to jump right in and speak to keep the tempo upbeat, and times when you need to take a breath and pause.”

4) Chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo prior to the meeting.

“The purpose of Soka Gakkai meetings is to advance kosen-rufu, and they are the contemporary versions of the assembly of the Lotus Sutra.”

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