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Our History

Imparting Limitless Hope and Inspiration to Others

Our History: Feb. 27, 1990

Women’s and young women’s division members celebrate together in New York, January 2020. Photo by Dylan Golden

“My sole desire for women’s division members is that they become the happiest people in the world.”[1]

With these unforgettable words, Ikeda Sensei opened the First SGI-USA Women’s Division Meeting on Feb. 27, 1990, in Calabasas, California.

During that session, in what became his touchstone guidance to the women of America—“Buddhism Is the Clear Mirror That Reflects Our Lives”[2]—Sensei used the analogy of a mirror to describe how we can attain Buddhahood by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo before the Gohonzon, which serves as the “clear mirror” that reflects the depths of our lives. He then named Feb. 27—Mrs. Ikeda’s birthday—SGI-USA Women’s Day.

Each year on this day, women renew their bodhisattva vow to become absolutely happy and lead others to do the same. This year’s celebrations will take place between Feb. 25 and 28 with women’s and young women’s Buddhist introductory meetings across the country. They are open to all women and young women, as well as their guests.

As the SGI honorary women’s leader, Mrs. Ikeda sent a message for the commemorative meetings, in which she acknowledges the anxiety and loneliness that people are feeling amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She states, “Because of this, our efforts to reach out with a smile and connect with others, forging joyful ties brimming with wisdom and compassion, are sure to be a source of limitless hope and inspiration” (Feb. 12 World Tribune, p. 7).

—Prepared by the World Tribune staff


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