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Celebrating Women’s Day With Intro Meetings

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by Naoko Leslie
SGI-USA Women’s Leader

Between Feb. 25 and 28, we will celebrate SGI-USA Women’s Day (Feb. 27) with women’s and young women’s introductory Buddhist meetings held locally across the country. These gatherings are open to all women and young women, as well as their guests.

So far this year, I have been challenging myself to share this practice with one person every day. Each time I share Buddhism with others, my life opens up with tremendous joy!

In the February Living Buddhism, Ikeda Sensei says, “Shakubuku … is a spiritual struggle of the loftiest dimension, one that seeks to conquer devilish functions, break through darkness and delusion, and actualize true, lasting happiness for human- kind” (p. 23). This is the moment and chance to create dynamic ripple effects for the peace of the land.

It is such an honor that Feb. 27, SGI-USA Women’s Day, is also the birthday of Mrs. Ikeda, who is known for her enormous amount of daimoku [chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo] and dedication to support Sensei and all of us!

To the women and young women of the SGI-USA, let’s win together with powerful prayer, following Mrs. Ikeda’s example, and enjoy inviting our guests as we continue to plant the seeds of the Mystic Law. Let’s bring our benefits and victories to our introductory meetings!

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