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An Audio Companion to the SGI-USA’s Publications

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Since its launch on Oct. 2, 2020, over 15,000 members and guests have dialed in by telephone to access the “Advance Together” line, the audio complement to the SGI-USA’s publications, for weekly content from the World Tribune (first three weeks of the month) and Living Buddhism (fourth week of the month).

The phone line has served as a resource for visually impaired members and guests, whose feedback was the stimulus for the project.

“Imagine my surprise,” says Steve Matzura, a visually impaired member in New York, “like a child on his birthday … when I heard about this breakthrough feature.”

It has also become popular among others for whom reading poses a hurdle for other reasons. Members who drive long distances to and from work, who are battling illness or have dyslexia, have found the resource helpful.

The service spotlights three sections from the World Tribune: 1) guidance from Ikeda Sensei, 2) faith experiences and 3) Buddhist study articles; as well as five sections from Living Buddhism: 1) Sensei’s monthly message, 2) faith experiences, 3) feature, 4) district study and 5) “The Buddhism of the Sun” lecture series.

The “Advance Together” line can be accessed at any time of the day by calling: 424-441- 8400.

—Prepared by the World Tribune Staff

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