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5 Incredible National Parks at Your Fingertips

Halema uma u, a pit crater, exists within the much larger Kilauea Caldera in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. According to Hawaiian traditions, Halema uma u is the home to Pele, goddess of fire and volcanoes. Photo JIM WILTSCHKO / GETTY IMAGES.

Even though many parks are currently closed to the public, you can still enjoy their beauty up close. Go to, then search “The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks.”

Visitors, for instance, can get a virtual experience of flying over an active volcano in Hawaii, kayaking through icebergs in Alaska or swimming through the third largest coral reef in the world in Florida.

Google Arts and Culture is an online platform that provides its visitors with cultural and explorative experiences from around the world through virtual tours and educational content.

You can also discover artworks and collections from over 2,000 leading museums and archives.

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