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Tools and Updates for the District

Scottsdale, Ariz., Photo by GEORGE NAKAMURA.

Toward the 60th anniversary of the SGI-USA in 2020, the SGI-USA begins a new era of developing the districts.

Studying The New Human Revolution

Starting from its January 2019 issue, Living Buddhism began carrying a four-part study guide on one volume per month of The New Human Revolution.

The following is a suggested framework for using this material at your district study meeting:

1. Make a presentation on the commentary section of the study guide.
2. Read from the “Unforgettable Scenes” section together.
3. Have a discussion based on how to apply lessons from The New Human Revolution to win in our districts and daily lives.

    NOTE: Districts are encouraged to use some portion of the “Chapter Summary” or the “Unforgettable Scenes” section from the study guide at their discussion meetings.

    Photo by BOB NARDI.

    Soka Victory Districts

    Districts that have met the following four benchmarks will be recognized as Soka Victory Districts this year. The benchmarks are:

    • 20 members and guests attend discussion meetings at least two times during the year.
    • 20 subscribers to the SGI-USA publications.
    • 2 people receive the Gohonzon and start practicing Nichiren Buddhism.
    • 7 sustaining fi nancial contributors.



    District Toolbox

    The SGI-USA has introduced its “Discussion Meeting Toolbox” at, featuring important resources to revolutionize your discussion meeting. In it, you’ll find practical information on:

    • The spirit of discussion meetings
    • Great ways to prepare for every discussion meeting
    • The core elements of a discussion meeting
    • How to share a great faith experience
    • Tips on being an emcee
    • Giving a powerful study presentation
    • And more!

    We’d also like your help improving the toolbox by sending comments, suggestions, short videos, sample intro-to-Buddhism scripts, ice breakers, etc., to

    Chapter Kickoffs

    January is the month of chapter kickoff s to unite and ignite the chapter for the new year. Here are a few things to remind ourselves as we plan these gatherings:

    • What’s our four-divisional goal for attendance?
    • Are there any guests who attended the November discussion meetings that we can invite?
    • What’s the agenda? How can we involve more youth and make it dynamic?
    • Whom can we home visit before the meeting to connect with and encourage?

    The Joy of Buddhist Learning