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The Joy of Buddhist Learning

The SGI-USA capped off the Year of Brilliant Achievement with another historic victory.

On Dec. 15–16, 2018, 1,629 SGI-USA members and guests participated in the first online Introductory Exam.

Not only was the average passing rate 80 percent, but also a palpable joy filled each exam location. Participants were enthusiastically welcomed and assisted by volunteer proctors and local leaders at 228 locations across the U.S.

In his message to participants, SGI President Ikeda praised their behind-the-scenes efforts amid busy schedules, noting that those who possess a deep seeking spirit “will savor great happiness and good fortune” throughout their lives. He also said: “The direct path to becoming ‘professors of peace’ and ‘professors of happiness’ is found in deepening our faith through continuing to study Buddhism and taking action for kosen-rufu.”

SGI-USA members of Caribbean Region exhibited such seeking spirit with 29 examinees.

Some friends of the SGI even began their journey to becoming “professors of happiness” through the 2018 Introductory Exam. After completing his graveyard shift, Cedric Margo, of Los Angeles, arrived to his local SGI Buddhist center at the encouragement of a friend who had been introducing him to the practice.

After studying together with youth members, Cedric took the Introductory Exam on Dec. 15. Inspired by the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism, he decided to join the SGI-USA!

To continue the joy and excitement of helping friends and new members deepen their understanding of Buddhism, the SGI-USA will hold the Introductory Exam four times this year: March 31, June 30, Sept. 20 and Dec. 15.

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