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LISTEN: Podcast Episode 4—“Financial Karma”

The SGI-USA’s podcast series, “Buddhist Solutions for Life’s Problems,” has debuted its fourth episode: “Financial Karma.” Listen to it here.

The series addresses an array of salient topics from the perspective of Nichiren Buddhism via SGI-USA members’ personal accounts. “Buddhist Solutions for Life’s Problems” has averaged 8,500 listeners in the first 30 days of each episode’s release. iTunes has even recognized it as “New & Noteworthy” under the religion and spirituality section.

As a wide-reaching platform, the series has drawn many guests who are interested in learning more about Nichiren Buddhism, as well as reconnecting members who had lost touch with the SGI community.

One listener wrote in to say: “In my free time today, I decided to check out the SGI podcast that was suggested to me. I listened to ‘Finding Your Dream Job,’ and now I’m sitting on my floor crying in such a state of catharsis! The subject matter is not only fiercely relevant, but the teachings also feel like an answer to the question I’ve been asking for so long.”

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