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The Gajokai—Protectors of Our Kosen-rufu Castles

Photo by Adam Perry.

Long before members arrive at an activity, young men, donning red ties, prepare to open their Buddhist centers. They are members of the Gajokai, “protectors of the fortress group,” a young men’s training group established by Ikeda Sensei on Feb. 1, 1971, tasked with staffing and operating Soka Gakkai facilities.

Underlying their responsibilities is a deeper purpose. “The Gajokai has the solemn mission to protect the Soka Gakkai Headquarters, our culture and community centers and our members,” writes Sensei. “That’s the same as my mission.”[1]

Through their efforts, Gajokai members strive to develop themselves to “be fully alert at all times, pay attention to every detail and not overlook anything”[2]—a quality that can enable them to gain trust in their families, workplaces and communities.

In volume 24 of The New Human Revolution, Sensei (who appears in the novel as Shin’ichi Yamamoto) depicts various examples of how Gajokai members leapt into action to help local residents, out of their sense of responsibility for their community.[3]

Such actions underscore the spirit of the training group. “Youth have a mission to take the initiative to protect others,” Shin’ichi explains. “Without learning such lessons, egotism prevails and society is corrupted from its foundations. Training young people to serve society and the people is one of the major roles of the Soka Gakkai.”[4]

How can we best support them? Let us thank and praise our Gajokai, Byakuren and Soka Group members for supporting our activities behind the scenes, assuring them of the incredible training and fortune they’re accumulating in the process.

—Prepared by the World Tribune staff

February 9, 2024, World Tribune, p. 4


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