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Eternally Walking the Path of Kosen-rufu

Photo by Ezra Bailey/ Getty Images.

What is more, although your late father was a warrior, he had an abiding faith in the Lotus Sutra, and thus—you were only a child at the time—I know that he ended his life in the frame of mind of a true believer. And now you have succeeded him and likewise are firm in your faith in this sutra. Though his spirit is hidden now in the grasses, I am sure he must be very pleased. And how happy he would be if only he were still alive!

Persons who uphold this sutra, though they may be strangers to one another, will meet on Eagle Peak. And how much more certain is it that you and your late father, because you both have faith in the Lotus Sutra, will be reborn there together!

—“On the Offering of a Mud Pie,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 2, pp. 499–500

In this passage, Nichiren tells Tokimitsu how happy his father would surely be that his son has succeeded him as head of the Nanjo family and has inherited his dedication to faith in the Mystic Law. He further states that both father and son, as practitioners of the Lotus Sutra, are certain to be reunited in the future on Eagle Peak.

Life is eternal. Those who remain steadfast in their faith in the Mystic Law to the very end will be able to travel together through life’s unending journey enveloped in happiness and joy. In future existences, they will be reborn in the same places and be able to walk the great path of kosen-rufu together. No doubt Tokimitsu was deeply comforted and reassured by Nichiren’s words. (The Teachings for Victory, vol. 3, p. 7)

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