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The Old City of Dubrovnik

Jeremy Woodhouse / Getty Images.

Known as ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic,’ Dubrovnik, rich in culture and history, dates back to the first century when Roman refugees founded it, linking Roman and Slavic civilizations. Though the city has passed through Roman, Byzantine and Venetian hands over the centuries, it largely maintained its independence as a city-state, making major contributions to world history through its maritime and mercantile activities. An earthquake in 1667 severely damaged and destroyed parts of the city, and Croatia’s struggle for independence in the 1990s wreaked further destruction. However, conservation efforts coordinated by UNESCO have restored much of the Old City. In addition to its reputation as the most picturesque city on the Dalmatian coast, Dubrovnik might be recognizable as the setting of the fictional city of Kings Landing in the TV series “Game of Thrones.”

—Prepared by the World Tribune staff

May 12, 2023, World Tribune, p. 12

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