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Each District One Precious Youth

Columbus, Ohio. Photo by JJ Chien.

The July 14–Aug. 11, issues of the World Tribune highlighted the first 250 SGI-USA districts to welcome new youth in 2023. Here are the next 50.

Central Territory

Chicago Zone
Gold Coast DistrictKing-Pullman District
Mideast ZoneDownriver District
Midwest ZoneSioux Falls District
Southwest ZoneSanta Fe Midtown District
Texas-Oklahoma Zone
Lakeline DistrictUniversity District
Stagecoach DistrictSeaworld District
Austin, Texas. Photo by Heekwon Lee.

East Territory

Brooklyn-Queens-Long Island ZoneNew Cambria District
Downtown Flushing DistrictNorth Slope District
Florida Zone
Ocean Park DistrictDaytona District
New Jersey ZonePlainfield District
New York ZoneAstor Row District
Hudson Square DistrictJoyce Theater District
Union Square DistrictWakefield District
Yankee Stadium DistrictStrawberry Fields District
North ZoneWorcester Southwest District
Montpelier DistrictLiverpool District
Portland DistrictPark City District
Pennsylvania ZoneSpring Garden District
South ZoneHinesville District
Baltimore. Photo by Rob Hendry.
Baltimore. Photo by Rob Hendry.

West Territory

Golden Gate Mentor and Disciple ZoneNorte Del Rio District
Carmichael DistrictMLK Sacramento District
Sterling DistrictEast Davis District
LA North Coast Lion’s Roar Zone
Burbank Victory Sunrise DistrictGranada Hills District
Los Angeles Pan-Pacific Zone
Sunset Park DistrictBluff Park District
Bixby Knoll Young Lions DistrictTorrance District
Los Angeles Sunshine Zone
Culver Galaxy DistrictJefferson Park/USC Sunshine District
Pacific ZonePuuhale District
Pacific Northwest ZoneSnohomish River Valleys District
Portland West Hills DistrictCamas Vista District
San Francisco Ever-Victorious ZoneEmbarcadero District
Southern California Zone
West Garden Grove DistrictTustin Phoenix District
Southern California Mojave ZoneRialto District
Los Angeles. Photo by Yvonne Ng.

August 18, 2023, World Tribune, p. 11

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