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Working for Kosen-rufu Is Life’s Greatest Honor 

Words of Encouragement From Ikeda Sensei

Casey Horner / Unsplash.

In these twenty and more years [since first proclaiming my teaching] I have known not an hour, not an instant of peace or safety. Yoritomo fought against his enemies for seven years, but still there were intervals in the hostilities. Yoriyoshi engaged in battle for twelve years, but his trials could hardly have been greater than mine.[1]

“Regarding an Unlined Robe,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 2, p. 599

This year, we celebrate entering the 770th year since Nichiren Daishonin established his teaching [on April 28, 1253]. I am filled with boundless gratitude for his great, tireless struggle to help all people attain enlightenment. 

Our movement to realize kosen-rufu and the Daishonin’s ideal of “establishing the correct teaching for the peace of the land” is a grand and far-reaching undertaking for the happiness of humanity and world peace. Powerfully chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with a vow and fighting spirit directly connected to the Daishonin, let’s forge ahead proudly and exert ourselves bravely and vigorously. 

As we continue to sincerely encourage those around us, let’s spread the warm, compassionate light of the Mystic Law that people the world over are seeking! 

From the April 21, 2022, issue of the Soka Gakkai’s daily newspaper, Seikyo Shimbun


  1. Referring to the feudal military leaders Minamoto no Yoritomo (1147–99) and Minamoto no Yoriyoshi (988–1075). ↩︎

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