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Renovations and Upcoming Conferences


An unprecedented two-year pause in conferences at the Florida Nature and Culture Center (FNCC) was difficult for many members. However, pandemic conditions provided an ideal opportunity to modernize and beautify the campus, its first significant renovation. 

Of note are the installations of a new ceiling and flooring in the dining hall, as well as new energy-efficient lighting there and elsewhere. Dining hall modifications have cut serving time in half. Fully retiled bathrooms with newly backlit mirrors have also wowed the participants. 

An upgraded outdoor sound system means that music can now be played and conferences held poolside, a feature that has been taken full advantage of since reopening. 

Street lighting has been upgraded to LED for energy efficiency, while LED lighting has been installed on walking paths to and from the dorms. 

Members surveyed have expressed appreciation and responded that they consider the campus to be in pristine and beautiful condition. 

—Prepared by the World Tribune staff

Upcoming FNCC conferences open for registration:

Japanese Language (April 22–25) 
Spanish Language (April 29–May 2) 
Young Men’s Division #1 (May 13–16) 
District Leader’s Training #1 (May 20–23) 
Courageous Freedom Group (June 3–6) 
Young Women’s Division #1 (July 8–11) 
Transforming Karma Into Mission #1 (July 22–25)

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