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Remain Vigilant!

Photo by Hoss Mcbain.

The ability to pay careful attention starts with your attitude. It then needs to be backed up by prayer filled with a sense of responsibility and the determination not to overlook anything that could lead to an accident.

Through that prayer, the positive forces of the universe will be activated, augmenting your wisdom and focus. …

You may think this is overdoing it, but if an accident were to happen because you missed something, it would be too late. Eyes that notice the littlest things can prevent the biggest accidents.

To prevent accidents, everyone should consider the matter carefully, decide on a basic roster of things that need to be checked and then follow it assiduously. For example, the conductors on Japanese trains always carry out a series of checks before departure. Meticulously repeating that routine each time is the key to protecting their riders’ safety.

Once a routine is set, it needs to be carried out faithfully, without skipping or ignoring any part of it. If you allow it to become a mere formality and lose your focus, carelessness will follow. That’s the most dangerous thing. (The New Human Revolution, vol. 24, pp. 86–87)

Please make a determination not to have any more accidents and pay keen attention to preventing them. If we think we will be protected just because we chant and allow ourselves to grow careless, we cannot be said to be practicing faith correctly. Rather, because we are practicing faith, we must stay alert at all times, doing everything we can to avoid accidents.

This is true faith. When we practice this way, the power of our chanting will come alive as wisdom and good fortune. (NHR-1, revised edition, 214)

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