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On Sharing Buddhism With Others

Photo by Bob Nardi.

In volume 25 of The New Human Revolution, a group leader offers a newly appointed unit leader four points on sharing Buddhism. 

1) Prayer 

“To be successful in sharing this Buddhism with others, the first thing we need to do is chant sincerely that the other person will become happy without fail.” (p. 232)

2) Conviction

“Success in propagation depends on our degree of personal conviction.” (p. 232)

3) Perseverance

“We need perseverance. We mustn’t give up if, after talking about Buddhism one or two times, the person doesn’t start practicing. … The Soka Gakkai spirit is responding to challenges with an even more powerful fighting spirit.” (pp. 232–33)

4) Oneness of Mentor and Disciple 

“I’ve studied Buddhism as [Ikeda Sensei] instructs and earnestly exerted myself to share Buddhism with others. As a result, though I only have an elementary school education, I’ve learned to read Nichiren’s writings. I can help other people. I am happy. …

“We must never lose sight of our mentor. We must always keep Sensei in our hearts, at all times and in every situation!” (p. 233)

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