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New Member Resources and Public Websites

Photo by Alex Knight / Unsplash.

The SGI-USA launched its new Member Resources portal (, a website featuring all your member and leader resources in one place; and the new SGI-USA website (, now a purely outward-facing website geared toward informing the general public of our Buddhist practice and community.

Member Resources Website Features:

A more personalized design and user experience

Quick links to create your personal guest list, make a contribution, subscribe to our publications and register for FNCC conferences

An expanded “Resources” section, where you can access the Discussion Meeting Toolbox and Monthly Downloads for activity study material

The new “My Friends” element, where you can create your own private guest list and conveniently send guests introductory materials, meeting invitations, subscriptions and an application to receive the Gohonzon

Public SGI-USA Website Features:

• Buddhism for Daily Life 

Information about our Buddhist community and members’ life stories

• Buddhism for Human Dignity 

Adapting the “Humanism of the Lotus Sutra” exhibition on the history and spirit of Buddhism and the SGI

• Buddhism for Global Citizenship 

Highlighting Ikeda Sensei’s peace proposals and the SGI’s ongoing global efforts for peace

Oct. 2, 1960

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