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Daily Life

Developing Good Fortune as Solid as Concrete

Ikeda Sensei: Just praising the Mystic Law to others is itself splendid propagation. Whether others decide to take faith is a separate issue. By simply talking to people about the Mystic Law, we receive benefit without fail. 

It is the same with sports or playing the piano in that by making continuous effort, one’s ability develops in time. Likewise, in propagation, if we tell people about this Buddhism whenever the opportunity arises, our good fortune from doing so will protect our family and our descendants. 

Those who tenaciously share Buddhism develop a foundation of good fortune as solid and strong as concrete. No devil can destroy it. Those who avoid propagation, however, no matter how high their organizational position, are as superficial as plated metal and at the crucial moment they will fall apart. (The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra, vol. 5, p. 258)

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada