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4 Keys to Success in a Major Challenge

Photo by Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images.

These points were adapted from Ikeda Sensei’s guidance in the April 8, 2016, World Tribune, p. 3.

Advance preparation

It is the person who prepares in advance who succeeds. The most important and fundamental preparation is gongyo and chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. No matter how clever you may be at improvising, certain victory will not be yours with a hit-or-miss approach bereft of any prayer or preparation

Discard preconceived notions

Though a task may seem impossible to some, through careful investigation, one can discover a course that others may have rejected, a new path that can be one’s route to victory.

Firm determination

This is the Buddhist principle of “three thousand realms in a single moment of life” in action. A strong spirit to succeed without fail will keep the flame of hope alive.

Excellent teamwork

A successful group is defined by those who get along well and are able to work together closely as a team. Friendship and camaraderie are eternal sources of strength.

Living Regret Free

What do I do when someone is giving me a hard time?