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Daily Life

3 Keys to a Victorious Life

Photo by Wesley Eland / Unsplash.

The following is Ikeda Sensei’s guidance from The New Human Revolution, vol. 11,
revised edition, pp. 107–08.

1) Chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

“Chanting transforms suffering into joy and joy into supreme joy. This is why it is important to single-mindedly chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo no matter what, whether we are happy or sad, in good times or in bad. This is the direct path to happiness.”

2) Study Buddhist Principles

“Rigorously read Nichiren’s writings and apply them to [your] lives. … When we have total faith in [Nichiren’s writings] and continue to strive in exact accordance with them, we will be able to see the validity of these words for ourselves and develop great conviction in the Gohonzon.”

Illustrations by Grivina / Getty Images 

3) Persevere in Faith

“No matter how much we may have exerted ourselves at any given time during our lives, it will all come to naught if we later abandon our practice and stray from the Soka Gakkai. … What is most important is to persevere in faith, without ever giving up, until the very end.”

December 9, 2022, World Tribune, p. 11

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