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3 Elements of Global Citizenship

The following is based on Ikeda Sensei’s 1996 lecture at Teachers College, Columbia University, titled “Thoughts on Education for Global Citizenship”[1] and his 2013 peace proposal.[2] Sensei outlines the essential elements of global citizenship and guidelines for constructing a civilization founded upon respect for the dignity of life.

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1) Wisdom

To perceive the interconnectedness of all life and living

To perceive the equality and possibilities of life

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2) Courage

Not to fear or deny difference, but to respect and strive to understand people of different cultures and to grow from encounters with them

To make our differences the impetus for the elevation of our humanity

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3) Compassion

To maintain an imaginative empathy that reaches beyond one’s immediate surroundings and extends to those suffering in distant places

That never abandons others to suffer alone


  1. See A New Way Forward, pp. 85–96. ↩︎
  2. Read the full 2013 peace proposal at ↩︎

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