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What’s the Focus of SGI-USA Activities Now?

Photo by Marco Giannavola.

Uniting Around the Hope Campaign

As the world continues to face unprecedented challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the SGI-USA introduced the united daily action plan for 2021: the HOPE Campaign. (Learn more, Feb. 5, 2021, World Tribune, p. 8.)

Hope Campaign description with a graphic

Sharing Buddhability With Youth Guests

Photo by Marco Giannavola

How do you share Buddhism with the least religious generation in modern history in a way that speaks to the unique challenges that have shaped them and their worldview?

Buddhability is SGI-USA’s new digital ecosystem that introduces Buddhist principles in a raw, authentic and empathetic way that’s relatable to American youth. It is spread across multiple social media channels and comprises a website, podcast, newsletter, videos and more.

Visit or follow us at @buddhability on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and subscribe to our Buddhability podcast on Apple, Spotify and other major podcast platforms so you never miss an episode! (Learn more, Nov. 6, 2020, World Tribune, pp. 6–7.)

Recognizing Guests As HOPE Champions

To give consistently practicing guests a sense of responsibility and mission while in-person activities are on hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, they can now be officially recognized as HOPE Champions. The benchmarks are 1) chanting consistently; 2) self-subscribing to the SGI-USA publications; 3) receiving benefit and 4) willing to share their experience at meetings. Guests who meet this criteria will also receive a HOPE Champion certificate.

Weekly Newsletter for Guests

Buddhability newsletter

Guests can sign up for a weekly email with the latest curated content from Buddhability by visiting

Weekly Newsletter for Subscribers

All SGI-USA publications subscribers receive a weekly email newsletter with curated articles and social media updates.

New District Study Material

In March, monthly SGI-USA district study meetings began focusing on excerpts from the revised edition of The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace that appear in each issue of Living Buddhism. This series consists of selections of Ikeda Sensei’s collected works—his lectures, dialogues, encouragement and poetry spanning more than 50 years—which reflect his insights based on the philosophy and practice of Nichiren Buddhism. The complete revised edition of The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace can be accessed at

As a suggested framework in using this material at your district study meeting:

• Select one of the excerpts given.

• Read the excerpt together.

• Use the provided questions to guide your discussion. (Learn more, March 5, 2021, World Tribune, p. 8.)

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