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New Leadership Appointments

The following national appointments were made on Jan. 1:

SGI-USA Future Division

The Future Division comprises members in elementary, junior high and high schools. The group’s mission is to foster future leaders toward the Soka Gakkai’s 100th anniversary on Nov. 18, 2030.

Ai Nishino
Young Women’s Future Division Leader

SGI-USA Parents Group

The Parents Group offers encouragement and support to parents in overcoming the many challenges of raising children as they advance through three age groups: 1) birth to preschool, 2) elementary school and 3) junior high and high school.

Ian Willoughby
Men’s Parents Group Leader

SGI-USA Many Treasures Group

The Many Treasures Group welcomes members who are 65 years old or over, regardless of their length of Buddhist practice. The group exists to encourage its members to practice the correct teaching of Nichiren Buddhism throughout their lives and savor unsurpassed fulfillment.

Lee Malone
Vice Men’s Many Treasures Group Leader

SGI-USA Practicing Buddhism as People of African Descent (POAD) Group

The Practicing Buddhism as People of African Descent Group supports members in their mission for kosen-rufu as African Americans.

Carolyn Colby

Carolyn Colby
Women’s POAD Group Leader

Faith Jones

Faith Jones
Young Women’s POAD Group Leader

SGI-USA Courageous Freedom Group

The Courageous Freedom Group supports members in their mission for kosen-rufu as people of LGBTQ+ community.

Té Harris
Young Women’s Courageous Freedom Group Leader

SGI-USA Byakuren Group

The Byakuren Group is a young women’s faith training group, which supports SGI activities behind the scenes.

Cassie Colby
Byakuren Group Leader

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