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Brief Guidances

Activating the Protective Functions of the Universe Through Resolute Prayer

Words of Encouragement From Ikeda Sensei

This trial, more than anything else, will prove your faith genuine, and the ten demon daughters [guardian deities] of the Lotus Sutra will surely protect you.

“Letter to the Brothers,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 1, p. 497

Nothing is a match for the prayers of the practitioners of the Lotus Sutra. The strength of our vow to strive for kosen-rufu and realize Nichiren Daishonin’s ideal of “establishing the correct teaching for the peace of the land” is beyond measure. The Mystic Law has the power to summon forth the Buddha nature in all people.

In challenging times, it’s even more important to chant vibrant daimoku, like the roar of a lion, with a resolute prayer to overcome all obstacles and activate the protective functions of the universe. Demonstrating the true power of our faith, let’s lead victorious lives that shine like pure gold.

Translated from the July 4, 2021 Seikyo Shimbun, the Soka Gakkai’s daily newspaper.

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