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Test Your Knowledge of SGI Day!

January 26

The SGI-USA has purchased a plot of land adjacent to the International Trade Center (building pictured in the back), which is the site of the founding of the SGI on Jan. 26, 1975, in Tamuning, Guam. Plans are underway to build a new SGI-USA center and a mentor-disciple museum. The SGI Peace Lane was unveiled in January 2015 to commemorate the SGI’s 40th anniversary.

On Jan. 26, 1975, on the small western Pacific island of Guam, Ikeda Sensei established the Soka Gakkai International, expanding the kosen-rufu movement worldwide. This year, members the world over will celebrate the SGI’s 46th anniversary.

To learn more about the SGI’s historic founding, read the “SGI” chapter in volume 21 of Sensei’s novel The New Human Revolution.

Did You Know?
During World War II, Guam was a fierce battleground where countless innocent civilians died. Sensei established the SGI on the island because he had firmly believed that Guam, knowing all too well the evils of war, “must generate waves of peace throughout the world, thus serving as a new source of global peace” (Jan. 29, 2010, World Tribune).

Pop Quiz!

1) On Jan. 26, 1975, Sensei was named:
a. Soka Gakkai president
b. honorary citizen of Guam
c. Soka Gakkai International president

2) What was the name of the event in which the SGI was founded?
a. First World Peace Conference
b. First Kosen-rufu Gongyo Meeting
c. First SGI Headquarters Leaders Meeting

3) Sensei designated “___” as his nationality in the event’s guest book.
a. Japanese
b. The World
c. Global Citizen

4) The SGI, under Sensei’s leadership, has expanded today to 192 countries and territories with over ___ practitioners.
a. 1 million
b. 12 million
c. 8 million

Answer key
1.c, 2.a, 3.b, 4.b