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The Solidarity of Humankind

Photo by Yvonne Ng

Open dialogue among individuals and civilizations is the key to the harmonious solidarity of humankind—this conviction has motivated Ikeda Sensei to engage in dialogue with a wide range of individuals from around the world. Seventy-five of these dialogues have been published in book form and translated into nearly 50 languages.

Below is a small sampling of his English-language works, with brief bios of his dialogue partners. Purchase these books and more at

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Before It Is Too Late: A Dialogue

with Aurelio Peccei, an Italian scholar and industrialist who co-founded the Club of Rome in 1968. He was arrested, imprisoned and tortured as part of the Italian resistance during World War II.

America Will Be!: Conversations on Hope, Freedom, and Democracy

with Vincent Harding, an American historian, social activist and emeritus professor who worked closely with Martin Luther King Jr. as a friend and confidant.

Planetary Citizenship: Your Values, Beliefs and Actions Can Shape a Sustainable World

with Hazel Henderson, a social activist and futurist, who has served as a consultant on sustainable development in over 30 countries.

Space and Eternal Life

with Chandra Wickramasinghe, an astronomer, mathematician and professor at the University of Wales College of Cardiff.

Compassionate Light in Asia: A Dialogue

with Jin Yong, one of China’s bestselling contemporary novelists with over 100 million books sold worldwide.

The Art of True Relations: Conversations on the Poetic Heart of Human Possibility

with Sarah Wider, a professor of English and Women’s Studies at Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y., where she specializes in the American Renaissance, feminist autobiographical and biographical writings, and Native American literature.

Ode To The Grand Spirit: A Dialogue

with Chingiz Aitmatov, widely viewed as the greatest literary figure of modern Kyrgyzstan. Aitmatov also served as his country’s ambassador to the European Union, NATO and UNESCO.

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