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Join the World Youth General Meeting!

On Sept. 27, SGI youth from around the globe will meet virtually for the World Youth General Meeting to celebrate 60 years of Ikeda Sensei’s ceaseless efforts for world peace.

SGI youth from around the world will gather on Sept. 27 at 1 p.m. PT / 3 p.m. CT / 4 p.m. ET for a virtual World Youth General Meeting, hosted by the Soka Gakkai in Japan. The event will celebrate the 60th anniversary of Oct. 2, 1960, when Ikeda Sensei, at age 32, took his first steps for worldwide kosen-rufu.

“I truly believe that because of the state of our world, young disciples everywhere are awakening to their vow one by one,” said SGI-USA Youth Leader Olivia Saito. “This is all due to Sensei’s efforts in the past 60 years. I’m excited for us, the youth of the SGI-USA, to join our fellow successors across the globe on Sept. 27 to renew our shared vow to bring peace and happiness to humanity!”

In volume one of The New Human Revolution, Sensei (who appears in the novel as Shin’ichi Yamamoto) recounts the moment on Oct. 2, 1960, when Japan Airlines Flight 800 took flight for Honolulu: “Shin’ichi Yamamoto quietly placed his hand on his chest. In the inner breast pocket of his coat, he carried a photograph of his mentor, second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda. He would never forget the time that Toda, ill in bed … just prior to his death, told him he had dreamt he had gone to Mexico.

“Toda had said to him: ‘They were all waiting. Everyone was waiting. They were all seeking Nichiren Buddhism. I want to go—to travel the world on a journey for kosen-rufu.

“‘Shin’ichi, the world is your challenge; it is your true stage. It is a vast world’” (pp. 2–3).

The broadcast link to the World Youth General Meeting will be shared soon via your local organization.

Prepared by the World Tribune staff

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