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Inheriting the Mentor’s Spirit

On Oct. 8, 1961, Shin’ichi Yamamoto stood before the Berlin Wall with a powerful pledge to turn a Cold War symbol into an icon of peace.

So opens volume 5 of The New Human Revolution, which chronicles Ikeda Sensei’s first visit to Europe and his exoneration in the Osaka Incident.[1] (He appears in the novelized history as Shin’ichi Yamamoto.)

You can now listen to volumes 1–5, available on major audiobook sites, including World Tribune Press is offering the novelized history in audio form at a rate of one volume per month.

Readers can also purchase the book on or the e-book on and other major bookselling sites.

In January 2019, SGI members around the world began earnestly studying and applying the spirit of The New Human Revolution to their lives with the aid of a monthly study guide in Living Buddhism.

SGI Vice President Hiromasa Ikeda shared his views on how to approach studying the epic series, writing:

As time goes by, the number of people who have first- hand knowledge of the events depicted in the novel will become smaller and smaller. Their testimonies are invaluable, but it is even more important that, through The New Human Revolution, the history of kosen-rufu and the Soka Gakkai spirit are transmitted, together with Sensei’s heart, eternally from generation to generation. (January 2019 Living Buddhism, p. 36)

Together, we can learn about the thoughts and actions of Shin’ichi Yamamoto as he opened the way for kosen-rufu around the world, toward Oct. 2, the 60th anniversary of global kosen-rufu, and beyond.

Instagram users can click here to listen to a sample of volume 5!


  1. On July 3, 1957, Daisaku Ikeda, then Soka Gakkai youth division chief of staff, was arrested and imprisoned by the Osaka Prefectural Police on trumped-up charges of violating the election law. After a four-year court case, he was fully exonerated on Jan. 25, 1962. ↩︎

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