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How Am I Zooming?

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In March, SGI-USA members quickly turned to Zoom to hold virtual meetings after in-person gatherings were halted due to the spread of COVID-19. Here we address some frequently asked questions about how to use the service.

Q: I have difficulty using technology, and I feel that I am missing out because I am joining activities by phone.

A: Phone is more than OK, phone is great! The fact that members find any means to participate in virtual SGI activities is worthy of the highest respect. When you join an activity by phone next time, just think you are there to affirm, “The voice carries out the work of the Buddha” (The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings, p. 4).

Q: What if I can’t see everyone on my screen?

A: If you’re on your PC, on the top right-hand corner, select “gallery view.” To see just the person speaking, select “speaker view.”

> If you’re on your smartphone, swipe left to see other participants.

> Please note that the view on your smartphone will be different from a laptop or PC, because the screen is larger.

Q: Do I need to download Zoom to attend a meeting?

A: You do not need to download Zoom to attend a meeting on your laptop or PC, but the user experience can be better if you do. But if you’re on your smartphone, you will need to download the app.

> To download Zoom on your PC, open a web browser and type in the web address

> Under “Zoom Client for Meetings,” press the “download” button and follow the prompts.

> For a tablet or smartphone, go to your app store and search “Zoom” to download.

Q: Why can’t people hear me?

A: In the bottom, left-hand corner, select the microphone icon to unmute yourself. Please remember to reselect the same icon to mute yourself after speaking.

> If you dialed in over the phone, hit *6 to mute and unmute yourself.

Q: How can I tell who’s in the meeting?

A: At the bottom of the screen, click on “participants” to see a list of everyone on the call.

Q: Do I need a Zoom account to attend meetings?

A: No, you only need to create an account if you plan to host meetings.

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