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Meet the Pioneer Byakuren of Alaska!


In October 2019, Kisun Lee did her first Byakuren shift in Alaska marking the formation of the Byakuren group in the state. She did so out of appreciation for her Buddhist practice, SGI President Ikeda and the members who often travel one to two hours to the SGI-USA Alaska Buddhist Center, in spite of inclement weather.

“I have found that I am capable of caring for the person in front of me and cherishing them, just like Sensei teaches,” Kisun says. “As a certified nurse assistant, my Byakuren training has also helped me do my job well. Many patients have a lot of challenges, but I always think to myself: This person is just like a precious member. I want to treat them with respect and compassion.”

Kisun will graduate from school in 2021, fulfilling her dream of becoming a registered nurse. In this Year of Advancement and Capable People, she is determined to raise more Byakuren who can warmly greet and support the members at SGI activities.

Says Kisun, “I feel so much joy as I’m learning how to treasure the person in front of me.”

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