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Study We Can Apply in Daily Life

Empowered—Duy Dao (far right) at a study session in Santa Monica, Calif., September 2023.

Duy Dao grew up in Vietnam, where he recalls his parents and most people being generally Buddhist. When he joined the SGI last year in Los Angeles, he took the Introductory Exam soon after. Studying for it, Dao said, enabled him to grasp Buddhism in a new light.

“The idea that the Buddha nature is within us and that we can change our karma was completely different from what I had been exposed to,” he said. “Practicing and studying Nichiren Buddhism, I feel I’ve been able to transform my relationship with my parents and face many things in myself.”

This April, roughly 1,500 participants across the SGI-USA took the Introductory Exam in both English and Spanish, introducing them, too, to profound Buddhist principles that empower them to embrace and overcome life’s challenges and achieve their dreams.

The Introductory Exam will be offered again in October. The Intermediate Exam, which is for those who passed the Introductory Exam, will be held in December. (More details to come.) Both are based on the new exam study material, The Basics of Nichiren Buddhism, which can be found at your local bookstore or online at for $5.95.

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